Skin Cells

I want to lose myself to an experience greater than myself. 

Another day on earth, gratitude and sadness, wondering where you’ve been and where you’re going. Get away from those stale old ways of being and break new ground. Make it look easy. 

Night rolls in and the weight of day evaporates. Play more, play more with this world, with this life. Downsize self-consideration and meld more thoroughly with it All. 

I want to lose myself, but I also want to experience the process of losing myself. 

They say the regularity with which humans shed skin cells means that, at a certain point, all old, dead cells will have been replaced by new ones. The physical “you” is in a constant state of disappearing and reappearing. 

And what of your personality, identity, and unique experience of reality? Are they not also always in a state of shedding and regeneration? Years pass and you are no longer the same person. The sun sets and who knows what self will be born again in the morning. 

The dust of old selves and shades of personality settles on a bookshelf in some parallel reality. The process is slow, but the evolution is real. Try no more to lose yourself because you already have and always will.

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