When was the last time you cried? When was the last time you laughed? When was the last time you felt anything at all? What makes you feel, anyway? What brings tears to your eyes? What reminds you you’re alive? What makes you grateful? Does anything? To be unabashedly yourself, and unconditionally free, in the prison of a self. The capacity to taste one more drop of sunlight, to become a person of simple pleasures, tastes, and actions. How often do you needlessly complicate life? Eat, sleep, and care.  What must you do? What compels you? What must happen in order for you to survive the day? What humbles you, makes you pray for another hour? Dancing in circles around the edge of a life, what makes you dive in? All the cliches are true, the platitudes and inspirational quotes. They don’t tell you how to embody them, though. The line isn’t straight, and you have to draw it yourself. So many truths floating in the day’s white noise ether. What if you took the time for yourself? A few minutes spent away from the should’s and the must’s and the need-to-do’s. Where would that leave you, if not here, right where you began, wondering what makes you cry, what reminds you you’re alive?

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