Green Jeep

Early evening, winter, a blue hue over the snow-covered town,
I waited at the icy crosswalk as a green jeep drove by, 
and it was almost in slow motion that I watched
the driver, slouched over the wheel, 
staring straight ahead, 
thinking about something
I will never know. 

You are the universe feeling itself, 
and we are all expressions of the same thing, 
and we are all here without choosing to be, 
brought here from nowhere
to this imperfect paradise,
this home. 

There wasn’t anything special about the man in the jeep, 
but something in me spontaneously said, 
“Remember this forever,” and so as I crossed the street
I watched the car fade into the distance, 
consumed by the blue as it faded to black.
Nothing else existed but me and that car,
and all went silent.

I will never see that person and that jeep again, 
but I chose to be there, and then blinked back 
to whatever I was thinking, as though returning
from a trance, and got on with my night.

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