Thanks for coming

Carry the day’s poems in your pocket, 
beside bits of lint and loose change. 
Dive deeper than you’ve gone before, 
to find what nobody else can. 

Thank you for coming. 
Thank you for giving me 
this brief moment of your time. 

Thank you for being here, 
in this place, safe space, 
the only way to be. 

Time is the only commodity you have, 
and as far as far as I can tell, 
it’s a precious, limited resource. 
Every second is one step closer 
to the end of time, 
yet here you are,
with me.

What can I do?
What can I say? 
I have none of the answers, 
I’ve made countless mistakes and 
will continue to do so. 

All I can offer is a shared feeling, 
a rudimentary bridge between two souls, 
and the chance to feel something. 

Other than that,
there’s not much to say. 
Winter rain pitter-patters
outside my window.
The plant beside me needs
to be watered.

If I could sweep you away, I would, 
but all I can do is wave, 
as your ship passes mine, 
compare compasses, 
take in the horizon,
say farewell, and
keep going.

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