I have a sweet tooth, and
it affects my psychological

Dessert can be beautiful,
but only within reason.
Too much and you’ll
end up losing steam.

Which is to say, my mind
is better off without the
rush of sugary satisfaction.

There is such a thing as mental dessert,
thoughts so rich it is in one’s best interest
to experience them only in small portions.

Your writing is like that for me.
The wisdom you distill from
minds past and present
is intoxicating, and if
I have too much I feel
incapacitated, paralyzed
by the saccharine weight
of overwhelming truth.

Perhaps I don’t know
what to do with it because
I didn’t put in the work
to obtain it. I did not
fully earn the rush.

Which is to ask,
is it wrong for me to
want to be like the saints
that you write about,
and is it right to believe
that the only way to do
so is to let you go?

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