Cave Paintings

Dear Future Archaeologist, 
How far have you come?
Forgive the primitive
self-expression, I’m doing
my best. 

What does
wonder look like from 
where you’re standing?
(Maybe you’re even having
a hard time reading this, 
what with scarce records
of the English language.) 

What can I tell you about today?
What might help you understand?

It is Autumn. 
Red, yellow, and orange.
Today was on the border of 
warm and cold, vivid leaves
against gray skies.
(Can you believe the
leaves changed colors?)

I was reading about cave
paintings last night,
how wonderful they are, 
yet also how potentially
arbitrary their survival was. 

I can’t speak for you, 
or for future me,
but at least in 2020, 
I’m wondering less about
what we’ve seen, more
about what we 

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