White Socks

An old man and a young boy with some sort of psychomotor disorder get out of a car. Both the boy and the man are wearing high white socks. A woman parks behind them and gets out. 

She says to the boy that she has antibacterial wipes, so now she can hold his hand, and I can’t help wondering what this microdrama is all about. 

The woman takes the boy’s hand, the boy wordlessly going along, and she helps him walk to the house they’re approaching (the boy has trouble walking, sort of moves with a hobble). They enter the house. 

She seemed nervous, excited- her smile slightly stiff- as though being with this child is a privilege she doesn’t get too often. A few minutes later the old man walks out, gets in his car, and drives away. Your guess is as good as mine- what past, present, and future are happening here. And to think that this is happening all day, every day, forever.

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